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Legacy Speaks: Mental Wellness Toolkit

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If You Can Relate To Any Of These, Then This Course Is For You

  • You’re in the middle of a difficult life transition that makes you feel stressed, anxious, and vulnerable
  • You’re in a toxic work environment that’s beyond healthy levels and has affected your mental health
  • You are trying to cope with a past traumatic experience, and you want to stop holding onto the resentment that’s consuming your energy and affecting your mental health
  • You are looking for practical strategies you can implement to get through bad mental health days
  • You want to invest in your mental health journey to become a happier and healthier person

This Is NOT Just Any Wellness Course

That’s because it doesn’t just teach you spiritual terms or share inspiring stories that have nothing to do with coping with mental health concerns and improving your overall well-being.

Instead, you’ll learn practical mental health strategies that you can immediately apply to your daily living.

And you’ll learn these strategies from a licensed therapist, Sierra Hillsman.

Through this course, you will gain clarity on what you’re experiencing.

Obviously, this is not a replacement for therapy by any means.

It serves as a supplemental tool that aims to help you improve the way they feel about yourself and improve your relationship with yourself and others.

What You’ll Learn From This 9-Part Course

  • Guide for Redefining Wellness & Coping with Life Transitions
  • Tips for Combatting Depression & Anxiety
  • How to Prioritize Wellness in the Workplace
  • Healing & Reconciling Trauma
  • Interactive Breathwork Workshop
  • Creating a Mindset for Generational Wealth
  • ...and more


All sales are final, are non-refundable, and non-transferrable.

By purchasing this course package, you (the purchasing party) are acknowledging that you understand that the information provided in this content is for psychoeducational purposes only. These do not take the place of formal therapeutic sessions and are not grounds for creating any form of a therapeutic relationship or client-therapist alliance with any parties involved during this event. By purchasing this course and its ancillary materials, you agree that Legacy Speaks, LLC nor the speakers/panelists during these sessions shall not be held liable for any physical injuries as well as any undue emotional and/or psychological stress, distress, or retraumatization.

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Learn practical mental health strategies that you can immediately apply to your daily living.

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Legacy Speaks: Mental Wellness Toolkit

0 ratings
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